The World Is Coming Together

© 2014 Design by    Paddy Lynch   . All Rights Reserved.

© 2014 Design by Paddy Lynch. All Rights Reserved.

The idea for Puzzle For Peace started with an album I composed during my final year in college, entitled The World Is Coming Together. In 2014 I recorded my compositions with my septet Mathias Baumann Group.

The album concept is based on my personal experiences during my first nine years in Ireland. For my wife and me, Dublin was where the world was coming together. We collaborated, worked and became friends with people from many different cultural backgrounds which we still enjoy to this day.

After the album was recorded, I started planning the album release and came up with the idea of a big show including artists from different disciplines and countries. I kept on developing that thought until I finally realised: ”This is not really about my music anymore; this is something bigger.” Some of the artists I collaborated with helped me to brainstorm and workshop my initial concept. After four years of planning, a few name and conceptual changes everything came together. In January 2019, I formed the limited company Art Inspire Music to realise my biggest challenge yet: Puzzle For Peace.