EHMT Student Workbook series

The EHMT Student Workbook series comprises of three books covering nine levels per instrument. Each book contains three levels and teaches all music and instrument related topics in a detailed, easy to understand and holistic way. The books are designed to teach students how to connect all elements of music (music theory) and required skills around a customisable repertoire. With over one thousand examples and exercises per book, students will be taught:

  • an essential set of songs including their historic and stylistic context;

  • form, instrumentation, technical terms and symbols;

  • hearing, recognising, reading, writing and playing rhythms, pitches, scales & keys, melodies and harmony;

  • applying acquired knowledge to their instrument or voice to establish a connection between mind, body and instrument;

  • practicing in a motivational, inspiring, creative, efficient and effective way;

  • transcribing music they enjoy;

  • building their own repertoire of songs;

  • improvising, composing and arranging music;

  • expert tips for rehearsing, playing & performing, recording and selling music as a band or solo artist.

EHMT Teaching Handbook

The EHMT Teaching Handbook is an essential tool for any one who wishes to teach music to the highest possible quality standard. It is the cornerstone of the EHMT program as it focuses on teaching music in an all-encompassing, professional and fun way. The book deals with the following topics:

  • The philosophy and objectives of holistic music teaching;

  • Core Elements of music teaching;

  • How to teach the EHMT program;

  • Teaching strategies;

  • Teaching tools and resources and how to use them;

  • Lesson structures;

  • How to teach practicing, goal setting and progress monitoring;

  • Motivational and inspirational strategies;

  • One-on-one, group, band & ensemble lessons;

  • Troubleshooting;

  • Educational templates.

EHMT Music School Handbook

The EHMT Music School Handbook is designed to help people setting up a music school, and, to help existing music schools improving their business, functional and operational strategies. The book deals with the following topics:

  • How to set up a music school;

  • Running a music school;

  • Music school philosophy, vision and core values;

  • Business strategy, market research, mission and business goals;

  • Functional strategy, team strategy, employment and resources;

  • Operational strategy, partnerships, outsourcing and;

  • EHMT Music School Business Model;

  • Financial planning, accounting & payroll;

  • Timetabling;

  • Branding;

  • Homepage and social media;

  • Music school marketing;

  • EHMT implementation.