The EHMT Music School Business Workshop is designed for music school owners or someone who intends to open a music school.

The EHMT Info Workshop introduces the EHMT program and focuses on best practices and the implementation of the program for music school owners and music school teachers.

The EHMT Teaching Workshops are teacher training workshops that can be seen as continuous professional development (CPD) courses for professional music teachers.



How to set up a music school

Running a music school

Financial planning, accounting, payroll



Homepage and social media

Basic marketing

(€855 with basic subscription)

(€760 with premium subscription)



Introduction to the EHMT program & philosophy

Experience exchange

Objectives of EHMT

Music teacher’s job

How to use the EHMT program structure and books

Teaching handbook

Teaching tools and resources

(€450 with basic subscription)

(€400 with premium subscription)



Lesson structures

How to teach practicing

Motivational and inspirational strategies

One-on-one & group lessons

Band & ensemble lessons


EHMT teaching certification

(€450 with basic subscription)

(€400 with premium subscription)