What is EHMT?

Exploring Holistic Music Teaching (EHMT) equips music schools and music teachers, as well as, music students with the tools and resources to guarantee the most comprehensive, holistic, structured and customisable approach to teaching and learning music at the highest possible quality standard. 

what do we offer?

The Exploring Holistic Music Teaching program consists of:

1) Workshops

  • EHMT Music School Business Workshop

  • EHMT Info Workshop

  • EHMT Teaching Workshops

2) Books

  • EHMT Music School Handbook

  • EHMT Teaching Handbook

  • EHMT Student Workbooks (with instrument specific music theory & skills)

3) Online resource pool and network

  • Repertoire: Lead Sheets, Arrangements, Scores, Parts, Transcriptions

  • Further Exercises

  • Audio Examples

  • Video Tutorials & Lessons

  • Teaching Template Library

  • Global EHMT Music School & Music Teacher Network


The Exploring Holistic Music Teaching program has many benefits for music schools, music teachers, music students and their parents or guardians, as EHMT

  • improves the overall quality of teaching music;

  • focuses on quality over quantity;

  • provides music schools, music teachers and students with comprehensive, well structured teaching and learning resources in form of books (print & digital), video tutorials and other online media;

  • unifies teaching and learning processes while maintaining a high degree of customisation for individual lessons;

  • provides music teachers with skills for holistic music teaching;

  • creates an inspiring and motivating learning and teaching environment for music students and teachers;

  • guides and supports music students to understand all elements of music in order to apply required skills in a practical way;

  • gives music students the tools and knowledge to practice more efficiently and effectively, build a repertoire, confidence and develop their own style of playing;

  • involves music students directly in the choice of repertoire and customisation of their curriculum;

  • makes parents, guardians and family members feel welcome, informed and involved in the music student’s learning process;

  • creates a transparent, credible, standardised and high quality music teaching system that parents and guardians can trust;

  • improves the overall rate of student returns in music schools;

  • improves enrolment rate of new students in music schools;

  • improves organising and conducting substitute lessons while making substitute lessons more efficient and consistent for everybody involved;

  • equips music schools with the knowledge and expertise to run and maintain a successful business;

  • provides a global partner network of EHMT music schools;

  • helps music students to form bands and find new band members;

  • supports EHMT partner music schools with online exposure through Art Inspire Music’s online platforms;

  • creates a direct impact for peace through contribution to a humanitarian and philanthropic cause.