Mathias Baumann - Founder & Managing Director


Hello and thank you for visiting Art Inspire Music.

Art Inspire Music was formed in January 2019. The idea for the company is based on my personal history. It all started with my grandfather Josef, who was forced to become a soldier in 1943 to fight in World War II. He was only 17 years old. In April 1945 he was captured in Italy and became a prisoner of war for three years. I was born 30 years later in a small German town called Nassau.

After my father died tragically ten days before my 18th birthday, my grandfather became my biggest mentor. Because of him I was able to find a job as a child care supervisor in 1998. At the time it was mandatory to do military service in Germany which I happily refused. Instead I had to complete a 13-month community service, during which time I met my wife Gosia.

Since I was five years old, I played music and dreamt to become a professional musician one day. After my father’s suicide my mother did not have the means to support me financially. Instead of going to college, my only option was to apply for a job and earn some money. In the following years I finished a business degree and worked in a bank as an advisor for stocks and shares.

In 2005, Gosia was offered a job in Dublin. We decided to move to Ireland where I was given the chance to change my life and start over.

I started working as a guitar and piano teacher, as well as a session musician and audio engineer in different recording studios. In 2009, I went to college and four years later I finished with a first class honours degree as a ‘Bachelor Of Arts In Jazz Performance’.

© 2014 Design by    Paddy Lynch   . All Rights Reserved.

© 2014 Design by Paddy Lynch. All Rights Reserved.

At the end of my college time I composed music for a concept album which I wanted to develop into a worldwide peace project called The World Is Coming Together. The album was finalised and recorded in 2014 with my septet Mathias Baumann Group.

After pitching my project proposition to different people from various professional backgrounds, I workshopped and developed my initial idea. The World Is Coming Together would eventually become Puzzle For Peace.

In 2015, I started writing a music school and music teaching concept to equip music teachers and music schools with inspiring, effective resources to guarantee the highest quality music education in the most creative, customisable, easy-to-understand and holistic way. I called it Exploring Holistic Music Teaching, or short EHMT.

In October 2016, my grandfather passed away. After an early mid-life exploration weekend I created a big collage of my life’s milestones. I realised how everything in my life is connected and how all events were leading me towards pursuing my goal to connect people worldwide in peace.

From 2005 until 2018, I was working as a self-employed sole trader, and it was in late 2018 that I finally found the connection between all my ideas. After some mood-boarding, brainstorming and branding I decided to form the limited company Art Inspire Music.

I can’t wait to see what we will achieve together.

Thank you for your time.

© 2018 Photograph by Malgorzata Meder-Baumann. All Rights Reserved.

© 2018 Photograph by Malgorzata Meder-Baumann. All Rights Reserved.